The Autonomous Region of the Canary Islands is one of the 17 autonomous communities of Spain, therefore part of the European Union.

Surely you can benefit from a very advantageous tax regime, even more convenient than a tax haven…

but even here there are clear laws that must be followed, so:

far from being a place where you can evade the taxes!

So if you are looking for an easy way, free money or unethical or illegal speculation opportunities, please DO NOT turn to us. THANK YOU.

Important information

Within an Autonomous Region of Canary Islands, is located a ZEC, an entity established by the Government of Canary Islands which promotes, manages and regulates the so-called Zona Especial Canaria, which is a system recognized by the Spanish Government and the European Commission itself, which allows companies that meet certain specific requirements to benefit from an advantageous tax regime:

– 4% corporate profits tax on 100% of the taxable base

– VAT exemption for transactions with foreign countries

The system is very interesting, but cannot be summarized in just a few lines. Contact us to learn more or read our FAQ section



– In 30 days you could have a company already up and running and fully operational

Thanks to the special regime, taxation for ZEC companies is the lowest in the EU; combined with low operating costs and our experience in the field, you will find great benefits right away.

Some basic requirements are required:

  • a solid business plan
  • sustainability and future development
  • prospects for growth in turnover

The more ambitious you are, the greater the convenience.

Our costs?

Compared to the growth you’ll be able to achieve and the speed with which you’ll become competitive in the markets, the fee for our services will be just another positive aspect.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity in the year of rebirth.


The sectors that can benefit most from the ZEC (Zona Especial Canaria) regime are:

  • tour operators and travel agencies
  • high tech companies
  • IT companies
  • e-commerce
  • online marketing and web development
  • management of trademarks, patents, royalties, image rights
  • tourism companies in general
  • hotels and accommodations
  • brokerage firms
  • consulting in general
  • events organization
  • call center services

… and many more!

case study

Limited liability company with 7 employees

  • Sector: Online Services
  • Turnover:1.5 million euros
  • Net income: 150 thousand euros

In Tenerife, this company paid 6,000 euros in taxes on its profits, that is, a FULL tax rate of 4%, which corresponds to the one and only rate for all companies registered in the ZEC (Zona Especial Canaria) and which is applied to the ENTIRE TAXABLE BASE.

“What is ZEC?”

See the FAQ for more information.

Remember that the Canary Islands are outside the territory of application of VAT, any transaction with companies based in the EU is exempt from VAT.

There are also other sectors where doing business can be very beneficial, such as trade, some manufacturing sectors, renewable energy, transportation, it all depends on the specific business

Don’t let this great opportunity pass you by right now, in the year of rebirth!

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